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  • How to choose high quality pharmaceutical intermediates?


    How to choose high quality pharmaceutical intermediates?As a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates in China, Nuobai will introduce to you the matters that need attention when choosing pharmaceutical intermediates. To help you choose the right pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • 6 Things You Need to Know About Pharmaceutical Intermediate


    As a professional Pharmaceutical Intermediate manufacturer in China, Nuobai Pharm will introduce some professional information about Pharmaceutical Intermediate to you. Help you to choose the right Pharmaceutical Intermediate manufacturer to provide some references.

  • In-depth follow-up on the adipic acid market in China


    Are you looking for a supplier of Adipic Acid in China? This article introduces the market situation of Adipic Acid in China for you. If you need high quality Adipic Acid Intermediates, you can learn more about Adipic Acid Intermediates in China through this article.. Ningbo Nuobai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is the reliable manufacturer of Adipic Acid in China.

  • How to find the best China Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufacturer?


    Pharmaceutical intermediates are a kind of fine chemical products in the production process from pharmaceutical chemical raw materials to APIs or drugs. The synthesis of chemical drugs depends on high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates. This kind of chemical product does not require a production l

  • CDMO: Nuobai Pharm Features


    Nuobai Pharm has became one leading platform company offering one-stop services for CDMO business of small molecule, peptide, oligonucleotide.

  • Process route development


    Route design* According to literature research, evaluate whether existing routes or steps are suitable for scale-up in terms of material cost, safety, cycle, operability, etc.;* Design and exploration of synthetic routes led by experienced chemists;* Route exploration is usually carried out in paral